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My happily ever after online dating


After being a serial dater for almost twelve years of my life, marriage was a distant dream. My parents and married colleagues had started bugging me with stories and speeches of 'happily ever after', 'sacred institution of marriage', blah blah. They even asked me to register on a dating site in usa, in case I don't hook up by normal means. (did I really not want to get married?) I don't know till when I was supposed to pretend like I was listening. I started making lesser calls to my folks and just about stopped hanging out with my friends and colleagues. My mind was at peace at last as those discourses and blah blah had diminished from my life.

I lead a normal, happy life, dating away my time. And the remaining time I spent online, like most people do nowadays. It was just another day and it was just another email I received that day. I don't usually open mails from unknown people but its subject said 'saw your profile on online dating site, I like you'. I laughed my heart out thinking how lame and desperate can people be on these free online dating sites. Obviously, I did not open that junk mail. After almost a week, I received another mail with the same subject 'saw your profile on online dating site, I like you'. It felt awkward but I don't know why, I went ahead and opened it. Someone named David said that he mailed me a week back after studying my profile on an online dating site. I still thought it was hogwash and buried my head in work. While having lunch that day, one of my lecture-giving colleagues turned up and asked me if I checked my mails regularly. I said yes and she vanished.

The same night it struck me- did my happily married colleague make an online profile for me? I was devastated by the thought and planned to confront her the very next morning. She gave me an answer I wished I hadn't heard. Just out of habit (remember I am a serial dater?) I started chatting away with David on that online dating site. I discovered that we did have a world of common things between us. We decided to meet up, finally after two months of gossiping online.

He looked much better in real life than his orangutan-like photo on his online dating profile. I admit (Though I don't want to) I liked him. One thing led to another (hanging out frequently, meeting parents, friends, moving in together) and we got married after a year of dating each other! So I did find my "Happily ever after" online dating!