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My happily ever after online dating

After being a serial dater for almost twelve years of my life, marriage was a distant dream. My parents and married colleagues had started bugging me with stories and speeches of 'happily ever after', 'sacred institution of marriage', blah blah. They even asked me to register on a dating site in usa, in case I don't... more

My Online Dating Site Story

When I started out on this free dating site it was mostly about fun and looking for something that could help me pass time but with time it actually grew to something that became so special that it would live with me always. It helped me enjoy one of the most amazing experiences that I could in my lifetime and I... more

My Perfect Match

I met my perfect match on this dating site a year ago. He appraoched me for a date but I wanted to know about him before I personally met him. After we came to know each other and then I decided to set a date with him, it was fund and everything went very well. Since after first date, we have... more

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