Privacy Policy

The Privacy Statement Policy is created by the owners of this service the purpose of which is to demonstrate our firm commitment to help our users better understand the kind of information we collect from them and what will happen to that information in the future. Mentioned below is the process which we follow for gathering information and the dissemination practices for the websites listed below:

As a part of the normal operation of our services we collect information about you and in some cases we also disclose the information about you. The Privacy Policy makes a mention of the information which we have collected about you and what will happen to that information. When you accept our Privacy Policy along with the terms and conditions you grant an expressed consent to us. When we get your consent we can disclose your personal information in the manner in which it is prescribed in the Privacy Policy. The privacy policy is subjected to the terms of the Terms and Conditions.

The Privacy Statement is applicable to all related sites. We strive our best to provide a consistent set of privacy practices throughout the online personal sites and in this process we see to it that we meet the requirements of the applicable local law.

1. A special note about children

Children are not allowed to use our services and hence minors who are under the age of 18 must not submit any personal information to us. Minors can use this service only in conjunction with their parents or guardians.

2. Information we collect

The main purpose of collecting personal information is to provide a smooth, efficient and customized experience, an experience that will most likely meet your needs. We also customize our service to make your experience easier. The member's profile is featured in editorials and newsletters which we send out from time to time to our members. Highlighting the member's profile facilitates the members to meet each other. You agree and accept that the member's profile can be featured in editorials and newsletters. Name, address, and telephone number are confidential and they will not be posted in the profile. Other members can view your profile. The member’s profile includes a description and photos, likes and dislikes, essays by individual and other information which is helpful in determining matches. There is no identifying information included in the viewable profile other than the user name which you have chosen at the time of registration.

All the personally identifiable information will be stored and processed in our computers in the United States. We ensure that all the information regarding you will be held and transmitted in a safe, confidential, and secure environment.

We keep tracking certain information regarding your behavior on our websites using cookies and other devices. The information which we gather after tracking is used for internal research on our member's demographics, interests, and behavior. This enables us to better understand and serve you and our community. The information which we track includes the URL which you came from, followed by the next URL that you will visit, the browser that you use and your IP address.

We use "cookies" on certain pages of our websites. "Cookies" are data collection devices. Cookies are in the form of small files that are placed on your hard drive in order to assist us in providing customized services. Certain features which we offer are available only through the use of a "cookie". Cookies help us in providing information that is targeted to your interests. Most of the cookies, which we use are "session cookies" so they are automatically deleted from your hard drive at the end of the session. You are free to decline our cookies if your browser permits.

We make use of third-party advertising company to serve ads on our behalf across the internet. The third-party might also collect anonymous information about your visits to our website. A technology device commonly referred to as Web beacon or an action tag allows Atlas DMT to collect anonymous information. The technology device is placed on various web pages within our website or in an HTML e-mail. Atlas DMT uses the information about your visits to our website and other websites to provide ads about goods and services of your interest.

3. Our Use of your information.

We use the information which we collect about you from your current and past activities on the websites to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and also to enforce our terms and conditions. We might also look into the information across multiple members to identify problems and resolve disputes.

You agree with we can use your personally identifiable information to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, improve our content and product offerings, customize our site's content, layout and services and also analyze site usage. By doing so we can improve our site and better tailor it to meet your needs.

You agree that we can use your information to contact you and deliver information to you. In some cases, the information delivered to you will be targeted to your interest which includes a targeted banners, advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use on the websites. By accepting this Privacy Policy you agree that you are ready to receive this information.

4.Our Disclosure of Your Information

In the existing regulatory environment it is not possible for us to ensure that all your private communications and other personally identifiable information will never get disclosed in any other ways apart from what is described in this Privacy Policy. For instance, we might be forced to disclose information about you to the government and law enforcement agencies or third parties. The third parties can abuse and misuse your information after collecting it from our website. We do our best to keep all your personally identifiable information or private communication to remain in private. In order to do so, we use industry-standard practices, however, we do not make a promise that we will always succeed in doing so. Also, expectations should not be made from us that we will always succeed in keeping all your personal information and private communication in private.

As per policy we do not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you to any third party. Mentioned below are some of the ways that your personally identifiable information may be disclosed.

Financial Information: Under some circumstances we may require some additional information such as credit card details apart from other information. In order to bill you for the use of our services, we use this financial information which includes your name, address, and other information. We use your financial information to check your qualifications and also to bill you for using our products and services which further enables you to participate in discounts, rebates, and similar programs in which you may elect to participate. When you make a purchase or engage in any other kind of activity or transaction which uses your financial information on the websites you are making a consent to provide your financial information to our service providers. You are also making consent to third parties which we determine is necessary to support and process your activities and transaction as well as to your credit card issuer for their purposes. The third parties will include credit card companies and banking institutions that process and support the transaction or activity. By making reservations for products or services of third parties offered on the websites, or by purchasing or registering or by participating in programs offered on the websites that are administered by third parties which require you to submit financial information in order to use them, you are directly providing us a consent to provide your financial information to those third parties. Any of these various third parties are authorized to use your financial information in accordance with our contractual arrangements with such third parties and according to their own privacy policy. We have no control over the third parties. Also you agree upon that we are not responsible or liable for any of their actions or omissions. You also agree upon that we can use and disclose all such information which you have submitted to the third parties in the same way in which we are entitled to use and disclose any other information that you submit to us.

Advertisers: We aggregate personally identifiable information and disclose such information in a non-personally identifiable manner to advertisers and other third parties for marketing and promotional purposes, however, we take care that we do not disclose to these entities any information which can be used to identify you personally.

Certain information such as person name, email account, security password, credit card information, and bank account information is never disclosed to other marketing advertisers. We may be using third-party advertising companies to serving ads on our site and these third-party companies may deploy cookies and action tags, which are also known as web beacons to count advertising effectiveness. The information gathered by the third party companies using cookies and action tags is totally anonymous.

External Service Providers: External service providers offer a number of services to help you use our website. When you choose the optional services provided by the external service providers you grant them permission to collect information about you and you also agree to the privacy policy of the external service providers.

Other Corporate Entities: We share a majority of your data which includes your personally identifiable information with our parent or subsidiaries. These entities will protect your information in the same way they protect the information of their own members. The parent or subsidiaries will follow privacy practices in the same way as we do and at the same time make sure that they do not cross any limits of the applicable law.

In case of a merger of our company with other companies or subsidiary company with other companies we will share some or all of your information in order to continue to provide you with our service. In case of a merger, you will receive a notice of the same and the new combined entity will follow the practices disclosed in this privacy policy.

Legal Requests: We work with law enforcement inquiries and with other third parties to enforce laws like intellectual property rights, fraud and other rights. We may disclose any information about you to law enforcement and government party at our sole discretion. We believe that this is necessary for reference with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or any other activity, which is completely illegal or which may expose us or you to legal liability.

Your Use of Other Members Information: Our services also include access to instant messaging and chat rooms because as a member you have access to other contact information of the Members through the regular use of the instant messaging and chat rooms.

As a member you have access to Member's ID no. which gives you access to the contact information of other members. When you accept our Privacy Policy we grant you a license to use the personally identifiable information of other members, which you obtain through instant messaging communication, chat rooms and email for the following purposes:

1. WOOSA Free Online Dating site-related communications that do not include unsolicited commercial messages.

2. For any other purpose which such member expressly agrees to after adequate disclosure of the purposes.

In all cases an opportunity must be given to the members to remove themselves from your database and also a chance regarding what information you have collected about them. Apart from what is announced in this section under no circumstances, you will disclose personally identifiable information about another online dating member to any third party without our consent and also the consent of such other member after adequate disclosure. Thus without limiting the foregoing you are not licensed to add a WOOSA Free Online Dating member to your mail list.

5. Accessing, Reviewing and changing your profile.

After registration you can change your password and e-mail address using Member Service Menu. You can also change the information, which you submitted at the time of registration, once the registration is complete using the Member Service Menu. This information that you would like to change can include name, address, city, state, zip code, country, phone number, profile and other relevant information.

In accordance with our suspension policy and applicable law it is possible for us to suspend your membership, contact information, and financial information from our active databases once you have made a written request. If you want us to remove your profile, please visit the Remove Your Profile Section of Member Services.

We will retain in our files the information which you had requested to remove for certain circumstances like to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and to enforce our terms and conditions. Due to technical and legal constraints, it is not possible for us to remove from our databases all of your personally identifiable information. Hence you should not expect that all your personally identifiable information will be completely removed from our databases once you have made a request.

6. Control of your Password

Please do not disclose your WOOSA Free Online Dating password and login information to any third parties. This is because you are completely responsible for all actions taken with your login information and password including fees. If you wish to share your information with any third parties for reasons best known to you then you must review each third party's privacy policy. If your password is lost in that case you lose substantial control over your personally identifiable information and thus you may be subject to legally binding actions. Hence in any case if your password has been compromised then you should immediately change your password.

7. Other Information Collectors

This document only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. When you disclose your information to other parties whether they are on WOOSA Free Online Dating websites in USA or on other dating sites throughout the internet, before disclosing your information confirm that the third parties adhere to their own privacy policies.

8. Security

100% security does not exist on the internet; however, WOOSA Free Online Dating use industry-standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identifiable information. Different security techniques are employed to protect data from been accessed in an unauthorized way by members inside or outside of the company.

10. Notice

WOOSA Free Online Dating may change this privacy policy from time to time and all changes to this policy will be made effective after we provide you with at least 30 days notices of changes by sending email to members. The reason for changing the Privacy Policy will be based upon your suggestion and our organization need to accurately reflect our data collection and disclosure practices.

11. User-Generated Content Policy(UGC)

When you transmit, upload, post, message or otherwise make available data, text, photographs, graphics, images, videos, messages or other materials ("User Content") on, you are entirely responsible for such User Generated Content(UGC).

Certain features of our interactive services may allow you to create, upload and distribute user-generated content ("UGC"). WOOSA Free Online Dating website does not pre-screen UGC that may be posted or made available through the Service by users, and as such WOOSA Free Online Dating does not assume any responsibility or liability for the content that is generated by users in connection with our interactive services. We regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and regularly review our information collection, storage, and processing practices to update our physical, technical and organizational security measures. We may also remove users who violate our terms of service or have been reported for criminal activity and/or bad behavior.

You must have the legal right to create, upload and distribute UGC in connection with our interactive services. You may not upload or post any UGC that infringes the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of a third party. You may not upload UGC that violates the law or Terms of Service and/or any third party's right of privacy or right of publicity. WOOSA Free Online Dating does not assume any liability for any failure to remove, or any delay in removing, content. However, we may, without prior notice to you and in its sole judgment, remove UGC that may infringe the intellectual property or other rights of a third party. If your access to our interactive services are suspended or terminated, you are not entitled to a refund for any of our virtual items you have purchased.

Here are some examples of common violations:
-Promoting inappropriate explicit user-generated content.
-User generated content (UGC) that lack sufficient safeguards against threats, harassment, or bullying, particularly toward minors.
-Information , comments, or photos that are primarily intended to harass or single out another person for abuse, malicious attack, or ridicule.

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