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Common Lies found on the online dating sites

The internet is full of people who pretend to be someone else and the most common example of it can be seen in the online dating sites. There are certain circumstances where lying is not really harmless, like saying you are fond of dogs but in reality you are not. These lies will not 'harm' anyone in any way. But the lies which are found on the online dating websites can lead to a lot of problems as it can be a complete turn off for the second person. Here are the five very common lies which people say on online dating websites

dating lies

Height and Weight

The men usually tend to lie about their height on the online dating websites as they feel that women are attracted to men who are tall. On the other hand, the women lie about their weight as they think that men prefer slimmer girls. These social norms force people to take such actions and lie about their personality on the free online dating websites so that they are accepted.


The people usually tend to upload the pictures which are not recent and are around a year old. The old pictures make the viewer feel that the person is young but in reality, they are much older. For example, a person who is in his 20s, will have a display picture which is around 200 days old, while someone who is in his 50s, the picture will be over 500 days old. This makes the owner of the account younger than around two years. So, you should be aware of the fact and do not judge the person just by the picture they have uploaded.


The people who have already crossed 25, and are not settled yet, find it difficult to impress girls with the little money they have. This makes them lie about the salary as there have been researches who claim that the salary has a significant effect on dating. The ones who claim to have salaries over $250,000 on the online dating sites tends to have a higher response to their messages as compared to the ones who have a salary of $50,000.

Relationship Status

There are a lot of people who lie about their relationship status and claim to be single but in reality, they are either married or engaged. On the other hand, there are some who claim to be in a relationship but, they have never been with anyone since ever.