Why does she keep bringing up the past?

Because she’s a woman that’s why!

You are a man. Your brain works like a box. You can’t fit another thing into it while the first one still resides. Your woman’s brain, however, is a lot more complicated than yours. She’ll have a million things going through her head all at once. You can never compete with that.

Why does she keep bringing up the past

Here is the deal..

Let’s face it, my dudes; we have all done stuff in our past that we are not very proud of. But what a turn off it’ll be if your significant other keeps reminding you of it! It could stumble the relationship.

There could be many reasons as to why this is happening. First of all, it’s the memory. I’m telling you, men can say something and won’t remember it ten seconds later.

But a female will remember what you said three years ago on a Saturday night on a certain occasion. She’ll even remember the time you said it. Might as well even have proof. Crazy how nature does that.

That’s not all.

Let’s move on to the more serious reasons that are causing this.

If you did something embarrassing a long time ago, and regret it now, chances are you have already asked for forgiveness. (If not, then do it now!). You think you have tried to fix things, but still, your girl isn’t letting it go. Why is this so?

The most probable explanation for this is that you haven’t tried to fix things the way you woman wants you to.

You see, this way you can try as hard as you possibly can, but your hard work is going to bear no fruit. Why? Because you are working hard in the wrong direction!

The reason why your girl needs to bring up an old issue, again and again, is because the issue still dwells unresolved in her mind.

Maybe she still feels insecure about it? She feels broken and thinks that the past wasn’t fully repaired. So, in this case, you need to understand her perspective instead of arguing and trying to prove yourself right.

The solution to all these problems is communication.


Communication gaps can have a long-term negative effect on a relationship. If you are not talking to each other, that what are you even doing?!

Without communicating, and talking about each other’s feelings, you’ll never know what’s going on in the other person’s head.

You’ll just assume what they might be thinking and take no action. This can and will lead to disasters.

A point to be noted here is that you have to consider if you are communicating the right way. Be careful with your words. Don’t say ‘what’s wrong with you’ or ‘what did I do?’.

Interesting part is ..

This approach suggests that you think you are right and she is creating a fuss over nothing. That won’t solve anything; it’ll only make her even madder than she already is.

Instead, you should ask her what’s bothering her, politely, and then ask her exactly how she feels. Later, talk it out. This way, she’ll melt. Encourage her to speak whatever’s on her mind. With this approach, things will move towards betterment.

You love her, and she loves you. If you plan on spending your entire lives together, you have got to work things out. Remind her how much you love and respect her.

Sometimes all girls need is a reassurance. Listen to her and make her feel heard. Trust me if you do that, she’ll appreciate you.

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