What NOT To Do On First Date

The hours leading up to a first date can be an absolute nightmare, as you find that fear and panic grip you every single waking moment. As much as we would all love to be cool, calm, and collected, the fact of the matter is that very few people are every any of those things the first time they go on a date with someone new.


Nerves can very often get the better of you, and that can lead to mistakes that might well mean a second date never happens. Here are just a few things that you should never do on a first date:

  1. Talk about your ex

    Yes, we have all had an ex who was borderline insane or somehow did you wrong, but that is a subject that should not be broached over a lovely dinner. While there is a good chance that both of you may have dating horror stories to share, a first date should be a place where positive things are discussed. There will always be time to heal the dirt on crazy exes if and when your new relationship takes off.

  2. Get loaded

    There are few things that calm the nerves better than a glass of wine or a pint of beer. While one of those may help make you feel relaxed, drinking 6 or 7 is going to do nothing but make you look like a raging alcoholic in the eyes of your date. If you fear that alcohol may win the battle, perhaps consider having your first date at a coffee shop. Then again, a caffeine high might be just as bad.

  3. Dress inappropriately

    What we mean by this is either overdressing or under-dressing for your date, depending on where you are going. Wearing a tuxedo or ball gown to a local pub is just as inappropriate as wearing torn jeans and a shirt open to the navel to a 5-star restaurant. Not dressing the part will immediately make your date feel uncomfortable, so no where you are going and dress the part.

  4. Interrogation

    The whole point of a first date is to get to know the other person a little better, as this will help you decide whether or not this is someone you would like to see again. There are ways to get to know someone that don’t involve shining a spotlight in their face and requesting a blood sample. Let the conversation flow naturally, and actually listen to what is being said as opposed to formulating your next question while your date talks.

  5. Ask to take it to the next level

    Even if a date goes spectacularly well, the subject of sex is still one that should not be raised. Moving in for the kill can make you look more like a predator than a suitable long-term mate. Yes, sometimes sparks do fly on a first date, but those tend to be the exception rather than the rule. This is another reason why alcohol should probably be left out of the equation, as it tends to lead to some pretty bad choices.

There are plenty of other pretty big no-no’s dating advice that you should look to avoid on a first date, but following these 5 should leave you in pretty good shape, whilst also making a second date all the more likely.

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