How Is USA Dating Different From Other Countries



Dating often has many strong cultural influences. In different countries, the ways of finding a partner are different. Here, in the USA, you would be finding a very business-like approach when it comes to USA dating. It is almost like a job interview or even a house hunt. You have a particular set of specifications that you want your partner to meet. If you feel you like someone, you can go ahead and ask them out on a date. It is often a very casual term and one can be dating any number of people casually at the same time. If things are going well, a second date can be organized. If not, both parties move on. This happens in both traditional bar and club dates as well as online dating.

However, in different cultures, dating can mean something completely different. If we talk about American single dating, people are more open to their options and don’t mind meeting a perspective date anywhere. It can be a bar, a club, a restaurant, a beach or a USA dating site. However, in most of the other cultures, including Europe, meeting a perspective date through personal relations, getting to know people through family and friends at dinner parties and other social functions is common. It is not that online dating is completely non-existent there. It is just that the dating scenario is quite different in these countries. There are many cultures where people do not date multiple people at a time. They meet someone, find for possibilities and find someone else when one date doesn’t work between them. Asian dating and many other European dating culture, asking a lady out for a dinner might mean some kind of a possibility for a serious commitment.

Additionally, you would be finding that USA dating (like a business deal) follows a certain set of universally acceptable but unwritten rules. These can be about your personal life, introducing someone to a social circle, kissing and other displays of affection as deemed suitable in the culture. Other cultures are more relaxed. One of the major differences you would be finding in USA dating is that people talk more about their careers and spend a lot more money (men are expected to pay). However, in most other parts of the world, people like to share their interests and find common things in their lives and cultures instead of differences. Moreover, women in other cultures do not mind sharing (especially European women) the bill as well.

You would be finding a lot of cultural differences in dating, especially in the way people meet and greet each other. While in European cultures, it is considered a sign of respect and affection to hold a woman’s hand and gently kiss it, it might not be as acceptable in the USA, not especially if you are not dating that woman. Let’s take the example of Australia. Here, you would not see as many couples as you would see small or large group of friends, who may or may not be in sharing a romantic relationship with another member of the group. Here, girls are often bolder and they don’t mind asking guys out on dates and even paying the bills. They are more outgoing and so are the boys. Overall, the atmosphere is very outdoorsy, casual and friendly.


The opposite of this is seen in Japan and Korea where dating starts only during college and the guys need to bear the responsibility of the date as well as the bills that follow. Overall, dating in other countries is often more practical and sometimes even quite traditional as compared to the open, casual but quite ‘strict to the rules of the game’ kind of dating style being followed in the US.


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