Respectful relationship

Respect is of paramount importance in every relationship. Respect is the act of valuing people, the act of value other people and their decision and this include people that are different from you. When someone have respect for other people either partner, friends, or relatives, you will feel positive about them and you will always admire their decision even when it’s not your own suggestion or okay by you, such people action will be accepted, there is a popular saying that says that respect is reciprocal, and this means that you will be treated the way you treat others, and for anyone to be treated fairly, such person must treat others fairly. This principle also include your relationship with your partner.

Gone are the days when the male counterpart must be treated specially while the female are seeing as subordinate, where the female counterpart opinion didn’t always count, where only the male have the final says over every decision in their relationship. Thanks to the revolution and the turnaround in thinking about respect in relationship, both partners now have says in relationship. For instances, whenever I and my partner are to make any decision either that concerns both of us or just him, he will always bring such discussion to me for us to decide on the best choice and I could remember time without number that he will go with whatever my suggestion is by dropping his own personal suggestion about the decision, inasmuch he think I have a better suggestion about such discussion and



Importance of respectful relationship

Respectful relationship is of a very great importance in any relationship even on your first date because it make partners to treat one another with respect, it makes both partners to accept themselves for whom they are and not who one of the partner want his husband or her wife to be, it makes both partner to treat each other with total fairness, and it make partners to accept and respect the other partner decision.

Respectful relationship are important because of the following reason

  • Respectful relationship makes you to feel accepted and allow you to be free to be yourself.
  • Respectful relationship makes partner to be positive about themselves.
  • It aid your self confidence and partner maturity.
  • It improves one decision making power.
  • It also promote healthy self expression.
  • It removes the insecurity in relationship.
  • It enables partners to be comfortable, courageous and bold.
  • Respectful relationship also help you feel Respected, valued, understood and accepted.
  • It also make partner to feel equal and treated fairly.


How to deal with differences in a relationship respectfully.

Everyone was created differently, we think differently, act different, react differently, we do many things differently, this mean that been in a respectful relationship doesn’t mean we won’t have  disagreement and different opinion in our relationship but the big question is how can one deal with differences in a relationship respectfully? Differences in a respectful relationship can best be dealt with when both partners understand themselves in a relationship.

Whenever there is any differences or challenge in a relationship, it should be work out amicably to avoid it from damaging the relationship and my little observation is that whenever I have a differences in my relationship, it give me the opportunity to know and understand my partner the more after we have work it out amicably.

We can also dealt with differences by managing our anger without harming our partner.

Both partner should communicate their needs and the reason for their grievance with themselves.

Both partner should always create time to listen to and comprehend other point of view.

Both partners should always express their thought and expression without putting the blame on other partner.

Any of the partner that may commit any mistakes should always accept it as his/her fault.

Any of the partner should not put his/her own wish above the other partner wish.

Both partner should always respect the other partner decision, without enforcing any decision on the other partner.

None of the partner should pressurize the other partner because of his/her needs.

I have used the above solution to solve many difference in my relationship and it worked for me and worked for many other people, If you can take this to heart, it will help you greatly in solving differences in your relationship.

How to create a respectful relationship

Just like I said in the beginning of this articles that respect is reciprocal, for you to create respectful relationship, you must respect your partner like you want him/her to respect you. You must create time to study and know your partner strength and weakness.

Conclusively, Though you don’t have to accept everything and you must always make a positive choices, but it’s important to treat  your partner fairly and with complete consideration. I can bet it with you that doing just this few things will help you to create a respectful relationship in a relationship because it will reciprocate and he/she will be always treats you with the same respect.