What could possibly happen on disaster date

Bad things happen to everyone now and then, and disasters that happen on dates usually seem even more frustrating and embarrassing then most others do. They happen to both men and women equally.

DATE NIGHT Disaster date do not discriminate any of the genders; they give equal treatment to everyone. So do not worry, you will all be able to relate to this. Before starting, it is customary to say, “Enjoy!”

However, that would not make much sense here, wouldn’t it?


Your date doesn’t show up

Well, since we are talking about bad things, let’s start with the worst. You got stood up. You have been waiting and waiting, but no one has shown up. How you are going to accept that, it just depends on your character.

If you are a pragmatic and cool-headed person, you will probably going to accept that situation with dignity (if you find a way how to do this, please let me know). Maybe you will just laugh at the entire situation, pay for the

God knows how many drinks you have had while waiting for your date, and leave a generous tip and play some joke with the waiter at your own expense, hoping that will prevent him from seeing you as a total looser.

If you are really confident and optimistic kind of person, you might just head to the nearest bar and get yourself a new date, making the entire night turn out great after all. On the other hand, you might head to the nearest bar and pick up a fight with a bunch of truckers.

As I said, it all depends on your character. Some people will just start crying, while others will wake up in their home/hospital/county jail, watching the video of themselves running naked through the city streets on national television. We are all different after all.

Your date does show up, but you don’t

There is number of possible reasons for a situation like this. You might get stuck in the traffic, run out of gas, or even break a leg (literally, not figuratively).

You might as well get abducted by aliens, but that is not going be a good-enough excuse if you try to patch things up tomorrow.

On the other hand, you might’ve simply forgotten about your date since you were too busy playing Warcraft. In that case, either you have a serious problem with video-game addiction, or your date didn’t interest you that much after all.

In any case, you may just try to apologize tomorrow, or you may forget about that person completely and move on with your life, the choice is yours.

Your date does show up, but you wish he or she didn’t

Well, now you see why he or she has only one picture on the Facebook profile.

Moreover, you start to suspect that even that one picture has been seriously photoshopped. I know the looks isn’t everything but that is not cool.

Your date is talking way too much/little

It is always nice to have a date who likes to talk, since that takes the pressure off from you and makes things easier, and it doesn’t force you to play David Letterman, Oprah, or a job interviewer the entire evening.

However, sometimes things might get to a point where you would just have to say, OK great, your childhood, adolescence, and dealing with the tough economy after graduation from college were definitely exciting to hear about.

My name is Mike/Jane, pleasure to meet you. And could you please order a drink

“I think the waiter is about to ask us to leave if we do not order any time soon.”

You can’t handle your food

Sure, we all like spaghetti. And we don’t care if some of it ends up on our shirt or our face. But that goes for when you are home alone.

Not in a fancy restaurant, with a date you are trying to impress. And if you think accident like that usually turns out to be just a funny little thing that will spark a witty conversation and lead to the most funny and romantic conversations you have ever had, then I suppose you should cut down with the romantic comedies.

And cut down with ordering food that is tricky to eat as well. 


You can’t handle your liquor

I think this one is pretty obvious. You may be able to drink 16 double Daiquiris and walk home without getting run over by a car; that doesn’t mean you are not going to accidentally knock down the glass after the second one.

And if you are really unlucky, the spilled drink will end up in your or your date’s lap. Once again, nothing funny, cute, or romantic can come from that, you are not a character from a Hollywood movie.

If you were, you would have probably already met the love of your life while going out to do laundry, walk your dog, or knock the bunch of papers or books out of her/his hands on the hallway. Reality is just tiny bit different.

Your disaster date is hitting on someone else

Well, this is quite a blow to your self-esteem. It is hard to say what you should do in a situation like this. It depends on how you are.

You may sit through the rest of the dinner feeling depressed and ashamed; you may simply take it with dignity, ask for a check, pay (pay for your half is pretty much justified in a situation like this), and leave; or you may order the most expensive drinks, meals, and deserts on the menu, and say “oops, it seems I forgot to bring my wallet”.

It all depends on your character. You may get original, go to the other table and say “Excuse me; I couldn’t help noticing my date is flirting with you. Would you be kind enough to leave the table and join him/her, and I will be happy to take your place


You forgot your wallet

If you are a girl, this wouldn’t matter too much, juts reach for your purse (but not too fast), hoping for your date to say, “It’s OK, I’ll pay”.

It usually will be the case. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a lose-lose situation: you will get embarrassed, and your will realize your date is a cheap skate. If you are a man and forgot a wallet, oh boy, I wouldn’t be happy to be in your shoes.

There are probably many other disaster date I forgot to put him. Some of them I simply do not see as that much of a problem.

For instance, people usually say running into your ex is one of the worst things that can happen to you on a date. Personally,

I don’t see why is that such a big deal. It is actually a good thing most of the time, since it is much better for you that your ex sees you have moved on with your life.

If you have a really hot date, you will actually be happy that you encountered your ex.

If they invite you to join them, just say that you have already reserved a table (since you should always do that anyways) and you’re all good.

I hope you have got some ideas about disaster dates, or at least had a few laughs. Good luck on your next date, and don’t think of this list when you’re on it.

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