How to pick a guy from his text messages

A lot of girls wonder how they can pick what kind of guy is chasing them with text messages at an early stage. Let’s face it, if you get it right you might meet the love of your life.

Get it wrong and you’re face will be plastered all over milk cartons for weeks until your body, identifiable as human only by its smell, is found in a cornfield. Don’t let others taking advantage on you.

Here are some pointers to picking a guy based on how and when he messages you.


He doesn’t message you after getting your number

If he gets your number, he is not intimidated by your career and it’s certainly not the case that he just hasn’t realized how he feels about you yet. He flatly doesn’t want to date you.

He messages you a month later

You’re about to put your slippers on sit yourself down on your couch with a glass of red wine and your cat wondering how long you’re going to be lonely when all of a sudden you get a text along the lines of ‘Hey it’s Bob from Katy’s party the other week! What’s up!?’. Bob has been collecting the numbers of as many women as he can and has ranked them in order of how much he desires them. He has been on dates with a number of them and been rejected by at least twice as many. Avoid.

He messages a week later

He didn’t rate you that highly but has found himself alone a week later. It is strictly a booty call and he has one thing on his mind.

He messages three days later

He is trying to play it cool, but is inexperienced and has gone too far. He has previously been guilty of messaging girls too soon after meeting them and has scared them off. He has sought dating advice from his friends (who are likely as clueless as him) who have told him he needs to play it cooler.

He messages you two days later

He has got it right. He’s been busy for a day, which is good because it means he has things that are keeping him occupied and has enough options out there not to have obsessed about you, stalked your Facebook and kidnapped your cat.

He messages one day later

He has obsessed about you, stalked your Facebook and kidnapped your cat. He knows he should probably play it cool but he’s too old for games now right? So he decides to throw caution to the wind and message you. You will not, and should not, reply.

He messages you the night he meets you

He is keeping his mother’s preserved corpse in his basement. Pretend he has the wrong number and then change it. He will not be leaving it at one message.

So we hope this guide helps you sort the wheat from the chaff. If in doubt, there are always other fish in the sea!

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