Creating the best dating site profile

These days, it seems like you can do anything with the help of the internet. Need directions for a trip? Want to do research for a paper? Want to find out if your weird symptoms are cause for worry? There are websites for all of these things! Why should dating be any different?

Creating the best dating site profile

Good news! It isn’t!

It’s becoming more and more common for single people to turn to the internet to find their soul mates. Of course, as with anything else on the glorious world wide web, it can be a bit of a challenge to sort the good from the bad.

Finding the site that’s right for you

Choosing the right website is paramount for a successful search. You have probably heard of a few, like eHarmony,, OkCupid, and FOC. These sites are largely used because of their privacy, constant regulations, and inexpensive payment options. These are sites you can trust to monitor profiles so fraudulent or fake profiles are rare.

Some sites are not as thorough in their security measures, resulting in a lot of fake profiles.

This is bad news for you, because you may think you’re getting ready to meet up with Eduardo, the wealthy and handsome personal trainer…But you might find yourself sitting across the table from Ricky, the overweight and between jobs auto mechanic.

Dos and Don’ts of your profile

Sure, we’d all like to think that the world is a less superficial place, but let’s be real…It isn’t. Your profile picture is what will get your dating profile noticed.

DO make sure to use a flattering, classy picture of yourself. It helps to make sure you are the only person in the picture, to avoid any confusion. Treat yourself to a nice haircut, do your makeup in a tasteful way (avoid the Tammy Faye Baker look at all costs), and wear an outfit that is casual but not sloppy.

Make sure to post a few different pictures, including close-ups and full-body photos.  If you can afford to do so, it might be a good idea to have a professional take the picture for you. That sure beats a bathroom selfie…but if you have no other options, at least flush the toilet first.

DON’T use an inappropriate or explicit photograph. It should go without saying that doing so will get you an awful lot of the wrong kind of attention. I can’t say this enough: NO naked pictures. Did you see Silence of the Lambs? If Buffalo Bill had internet access I’m guessing those would be exactly the kind of things he’d be looking for.

Unless you want to end up in a pit in a scary man’s basement, seriously do not post explicit photos of yourself. Also? It might also get you kicked right off of the dating site, since some sites have rules against that sort of things in the Terms of Service. Obviously that’s not as bad as being abducted by a serial killer that wants to wear your skin, but it would still be a bummer.

Once you’ve got your pictures uploaded, it’s time to build the rest of your profile.

The About Me section of your dating profile is where you can really let your personality shine.

Correct grammar and spelling are crucial here, and don’t use text messaging language unless you want to sound like a teenager.

Helpful hint: You don’t.

Remember, this section of your profile is what defines you.

It gives potential suitors an idea of your personality, likes, and dislikes. This is ultimately how people will decide if they want to open a line of communication with you or move on to the next profile.

This is not the place to get too heavy, so while you could certainly touch on religion or political affiliation, I wouldn’t get too deep into it.

Money is another subject better left unmentioned, since you don’t want to sound like a gold digger.

To recap…


Wut up! Yo, I like 2 go to da beach and shop. U need 2 have lot$ of money 2 hang wit me!


I love to take my dog to the beach, but on rainy days we stay in and have Netflix marathons. My hobbies include reading, baking, and watching old movies.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will end up with a dating profile that gets noticed. Ready to get started? Register with us and create your best dating profile now!

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