How to make your office crush fall in love with you

office crush

Helen Russell, the author of Leap Year and The Atlas of Happiness, points out that if you have a crush in the office, it’s better for your work because you would look forward to going to the office every day & Monday morning doesn’t equal dread!

A psychologist from Taiwan also argues that having an office crush is good for your health and wellbeing because this experience helps your body to release happy hormones, so you will probably live longer. Now here is how to make your office crush fall for you: Use misdirection to your advantage. 

How does misdirection work?

If you are attracted to someone in the office and you have no idea how to make that person fall in love with you, please use this subtle but super powerful strategy that will change the game fast.

Let me explain. 

You simply create a scenario where three people talk about things like what you did over the Easter holidays.

You and your crush stand side by side, while another colleague stands right in front of you. When you are telling them what you did during the holidays, you put your hand on your crush’s shoulder or back naturally; meanwhile, you face the 3rd individual during the entire conversation. That means you only look at the 3rd person while projecting all of your energy onto the 3rd person. You don’t have to put your hand on your crush’s shoulder or back for too long (one minute or two should be enough) – this has to be very, very natural and friendly

The result is almost guaranteed

In this moment, your office crush is emotionally seduced without even knowing what has happened.

Please note that your office crush loves romance as well, and you just make it happen by design with confidence!