The Downside of Having a Dominant Relationship Partner

There are only two possibilities that you are reading this article and have particularly searched for this topic. One of the reasons is that either you are planning to get married or you have already been married and now fret about whether being dominant is healthy or not?


The relations are mostly dependent on the understanding levels of the partners if they have close to each other and have a good understanding then there is no chance of being dominant relationship for both of them, they will care about each other and will never let anybody suffer because of the other partner.

But there are cases when one has to suffer at the hands of parents, and they are forced to marry someone who doesn’t understand them well or chosen by brain. This leads to a greater fiasco among the partners which is never healthy.

Why dominance occurs in the first place?

This wold is an amalgam of people with multiple thoughts and different personalities. There are people who tend to dominate in most of the cases when they feel they understand better than others. They need to feel autonomous.

When people are dominant, they try to take control of the situation, which may make others feel less autonomous.

And people who have dominant partners tend to be unhappy in the relationship (i.e., have lower relationship satisfaction). The more upset people were because of their partner’s dominance, the less happy they were in the relationship.

How to curb this problem?

If you are looking to find the solution, then the best solutions are to discuss. Discuss with your relationship partner your problems and raise your concerns.

Let him know of the facts that bother you the most and tell him that you feel uncomfortable when he doesn’t take your opinion on family matters.

Instead of getting up caught in squabble and exchange of harsh words which eventually leads to bad circumstances, allow him to understand your situation and give you the chance to share your opinion. Tell him that 1+1 can become 11 if he understands you well and allow you to share your thoughts on important decisions.

Pros of being dominant

A dominant person makes the decisions in the relationship whether you like it or not and he/she may not even ask for your opinion on that. The good part of it could be the fact that he/she can take the burden and the weight off your shoulders.

A study found that relationships, where either partner is more dominant, may be more effective than those where there is equality. Hierarchy disparity may reduce the frequency and intensity of conflicts.

Cons of being dominant

Dominance is linked to lower relationship satisfaction because a partner’s dominance can make one feel unhappy and less autonomous. Try to share the power in your relationship.

If the two individuals rank to a similar degree, even minor conflicts may escalate due to competition.

Thus, being dominant may lead to drastic effects on your relationship and make sure that both of you share your opinions on important matters of life rather than being dominant in such matters.

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