Benefits of balance between Femininity and Masculinity

Since the beginning of time, there are two main properties that make up relationships. And they are: Femininity and Masculinity.

Femininity and Masculinity

When we talk about this two properties, it is hard to finalize on what both roles entails. But we know that, for any relationship to flourish both gender roles need to be balanced. Though, some rare relationships can survive with only one gender role present. However, they cannot be compared to a balanced relationship in terms of longevity. And as humans, we all crave for a healthy relationship that will not suck life out of us. Healthy relationship help you grow and be better.

Femininity and Masculinity can even be linked with hormones (Testosterone linked to Masculine and Estrogen linked to Feminine).  Detecting these roles are kind of easy if you pay good attention for example Feminine roles are more sensitive, intuitive and nurturing, while the Masculine roles on the other hand, are strong, analytical, logical and aggressive.

Imagine a scenario where by an argument broke out between a man and a woman who are couples, and both of them were aggressive and obsessive, would you think things would settle down fast? I don’t think so. It will be settled when one person calms down for the situation to become less tense. Then they can take time to solve the issue maturely.

Femininity and Masculinity do not each stick to one gender only i.e. not all women are feminine or men are masculine. There are many wonderful men playing feminine roles in a relationship, and they are straight. It does not matter which gender plays which role.

Relationships are diverse all over the world, the important thing is that as far as both roles are present in a relationship at the same time.

Resolving Arguments

In every relationship there is bound to be arguments. There are absolutely NO couples out there who have never once fought or argued with each other but solution is not a divorce. It is just part of relationships, whether we like them or not. Having both gender roles balanced in your relationship allows arguments to resolve easily. And once the situation has been resolved, the couple need to re-evaluate what led to the disagreement. Problems are easily tackled when they are faced from different directions from the different gender roles. Gender characteristics like logic and intuition, tact and sensitivity.

For Teamwork

The combination of these two opposite gender roles will make a great team. This is because they both will bring a different perspective to the table and with understanding they will become formidable. Besides that, in times of need, opposite gender roles will help to balance each other out. In times of maximum corporation, both gender roles can help each other to get the best result.

Fun in Diversity

Besides dealing with arguments and teamwork, a relationship strives on the love and passion between both lovers. Having two different gender roles present will allow spice up things in the relationship. If both lovers are alike, the relationship will become dry with time because they know what their partner will do or say before it even happens (making it look like dating yourself). Opposite traits will spice up and ignite that passion that brought you together.

In all we can see how important these gender roles are in a relationship. Gender roles are meant to be fluid in a relationship. Also note that these roles are not restricted by responsibilities or time. Just because you are the ‘masculine’ one, does not mean you have to be masculine all the time. Just make sure you have the mutual desire and tolerance to sustain and work for the relationship. Lastly, after reading this article, try a little experiment and make a list of what qualities you and your partner possess, from there, segregate them into feminine and masculine roles. Then, try to figure out how you can complement each other with traits from opposite gender roles. Try this when you can.

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