7 Ways to Know Your Girlfriend Is Taking Advantage of You

When a man loves a woman, he can go over the seas and mountains for that special woman. But the bad news is that some girls have positioned themselves to take full advantage of it.

How do you actually know this? There are signs when a girl is taking advantage of you.


Here is the deal…

Their victims are usually not aware of this because recognizing the signs that someone is taking advantage of you is hard, especially when you love them. It is usually other persons that realize that the guy is being used by his girlfriend but you can detect if you know how to. Here are 7 easy signs and feelings that indicate that your girlfriend is taking advantage of you.

When she does not invest in the relationship

This may funny but, if only she invests in the same measure as you do then all is well. In a condition where you are the one always investing in the relationship, Bro, your girlfriend is taking advantage of you. The truth is if your girlfriend loves you, she would invest in the relationship.

When you cannot define your relationship

If you observe that your girlfriend shrinks when you ask her about making your relationship public or official, then something is wrong. In a relationship, both partners should make their relationship a high priority. Especially, when you get answers like “I am not ready for the relationship title just yet”. My friend, she is stylishly taking advantage of you.

When she uses intimacy as a bargaining chip

Most women know that many men will make a decision based on what lies between their legs rather than what is in their heads. When your girlfriend uses intercourse as a tool for negotiation when one or two issues arise, then she is taking advantage of you.

When she does not really care about you:

When a girl truly loves a guy, she finds it easy to tell him everything that is happening with her and also wants to know what is happening with him too. So, if your girlfriend does the opposite, that is a red flag. If all she talks about is her needs or family problems, you really need to think twice.

Emotional blackmail

Does she threaten you? Does she intimidate you? Does she shame you? If the answer to these questions is YES, break the relationship. Girls that use this technique often say things like, “I cannot believe you would do such a thing, I thought you were much better than my ex from the past.” Or “I cannot survive another day if you leave me,”. Do not be deceived, these are passive-aggressive blackmail comments that can confuse you. Be Wise.

When she does not say things straight

Constantly avoiding topics in conversation is not a good sign that your girlfriend is honest. Strong communication is one of the backbones of a strong relationship. If your girlfriend is not telling whole truths or avoiding serious topics, call them out on their lies. If she is not taking advantage of you, she would want to build a foundation of solid communication with you.

When everything is on her terms

When the only time you can see her is on her terms, there is a big problem. If she only allows you to hang out when she has the time or at places that are only convenient for her then she is taking advantage of you. This is even worse when she ignores you when you want to make plans or she is constantly making excuses when you try to do things on your terms. This is a clear sign that she is taking advantage.

In conclusion, if you discover that your girlfriend falls into this category, what are you waiting for? its best you break up with her. She is just manipulating you. Be wise, to avoid being a scapegoat.

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updated: July 2020