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How to handle rejection in dating

Apr 06, 2014

Dating in USA is changing a lot now, and many American singles are starting to use free dating site, which are more and more popular. However, it is essential to keep in mind that using dating sites won't assure you the perfect match, at least not from the first times. Modern USA dating is focusing on the online dating sites, and...more

Slowly Changing Dating Culture In USA

Feb 10, 2014

There is no doubt regarding the fact that the USA dating scene has changed drastically in the past. Gone are the days when dating was all about going to the clubs or events and finding your soul mate. The old system work only for the adventurous and the extroverts. However, the trends are changing and there is a lot of focus...more

Common Lies found on the online dating sites

Nov 15, 2013

The internet is full of people who pretend to be someone else and the most common example of it can be seen in the online dating sites. There are certain circumstances where lying is not really harmless, like saying you are fond of dogs but in reality you are not. These lies will not 'harm' anyone in any way. But the...more

Tips for Dating With Asian Girls

Oct 18, 2013

Dating in usa is a reliable way to find out a girl or boy of your liking and tastes. When you spend time with a person of your age, it allows both the persons to be familiar with each other. Many times the dating continues for years and results in building up life long bounds. In Asia, however, the concept...more

The impact of free dating sites

Aug 13, 2013

The concept of dating is not at all new but it still existed during the times of your parents as well as grandparents. The only difference was that dating was not easier as it is like today. With the internet growing at a rapid pace it has become very easy to find a date for yourself over the internet. There...more

Online Dating a unique experience

Aug 01, 2013

I never thought for a moment that it would be something easy because nearly 10 percent of the entire population of the United States are regular visitors to dating sites every month.  According to these statistics prepared by Nielsen one of the most reputed and reliable researchers a large majority of such people are prepared to spend a lot of...more

Before joining the free dating site

Jul 25, 2013

Whether you're a shy or busy person, free online dating websites can offer an approach to meet people in your area or region. Before discussing in relation to online dating I would really like to tell you online dating. Online dating is also called as internet dating where a person came permitted to help socialize with persons also to share the...more

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