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woosa.org born on the web in Apr 2013 to serve the increasing demand of online dating users for Free, there are around 41% of Male and 59% of Female singles in woosa during that time. Our engineers have created a powerful dating search engine that is designed to find a perfect match from thousands of users. Over the years, woosa is grown with thousands of members from the United States and all over the world. To serve our users even better, our dating and relationship experts are created a dating blog to help our users. Take a look at our dating site features and explore our dating site for free.

Powerful Search Engine

WOOSA provides Quick Search function to find other members who are looking for a match same way as you do. Moreover, use Advanced Search option to find your exact match from many different matching options.

You found many matches but are you looking for someone nearby? Why don't you filter your search down to members living near your

Are you planning for vacation? Plan ahead and find other dating profiles around your destination and setup a date to enrich your vacation.

Scientific match option

Our dating search engine does the scientific match compatibility list for you base on your personal interests and astrological sign. In general, there are many dating sites out there however woosa has extensive ranges of options for better chance of smart choice.

Online Chat

Fully integrated online chat allows you to have interaction with other members. Online Chat is best way to expand your social circle, make new friends, and get to know each other before going out for a date. Meeting people online and widen your social circle for both fun and entertainment.

Moreover, you can create your own private chat sessions for private conversations with close friends.

Likes, People I Liked, People I Dislikes

We give you a private list to keep track of other dating profiles which you can keep track of.

Have you found someone interested? Add them to your Hot List or watch list and create your own special contact list.

Banned profile

When you feel someone is keep bothering you again and again, add their profiles to your banned list and hide yourself.

Who like you and checking you out

You can check the other members who has checking you out on your profile and send you a gifts!

Photo Gallery

All members including free membership are allow to upload photos/videos and maintain them as private or public. Additional features such as album management and thumbnails generation are integrated.